RecruitPro connects employers to the network of recruiters with proven expertise and already earned experience in manning teams for IT companies. The concept is “Recruitment as a Service” – staff needs are covered by recruiter’s ready-made personal networks of seasoned candidates with expertise in product development and strong engineering skills. Continuous communication with the Candidates allows recruiters to know who of them are actively looking for a job or consider to change the workplace. We can help you to be always up to date with every change on the labor market and transform this knowledge into business benefits.


Recruitment community knows everything – who’re open for new career opportunities, which companies could be potential staff sources, where to get the most talented people. We gathered into one place IT-recruitment Pro’s who are deeply engaged into day-by-day communication with various IT-specialists – developers, managers, support staff.

Our network is already involved into staffing for specific niches:

Game Development

Big Data

Embedded Development

Travel Industry


Cloud Solutions

Augmented Reality

Automotive Industry



Banking & Finance

Payment & Processing


We are able to cover your staff needs in the shortest terms delivering the pipelines of Candidates from recruiters personal networks.

[How it works]

  1. Send us the filled in form to create a project with selected requirements for current openings;
  2. Select the budget for recruitment so we’ll be able to post job description to our project dash and select recruiters with expertise in desired profile;
  3. Receive the pipeline of ready for a talk candidates with relevant expertise in the short term.

[How it paid]

You shall pay only when the Candidate will commence work in your company. You shall not pay prepayments – only when you are satisfied with chosen specialist.


In a case when the Candidate fails probation period you’ll receive the one-time free of charge replacement. No worries that your business challenges will be dropped – we’ll take care of successful hiring another candidate from our pipeline.